Wenzel Grandview Tent is a 12 x 10 9-person tent, ideal for family camping and offering an excellent combination of living and sleeping space

Wenzel Grandview Tent


Wenzel Grandview TentThe Wenzel Grandview Tent is an ideal choice for family camping, offering an excellent combination of living and sleeping space.

It sleeps 7 people in the roomy main dome tent and 2 more in the fully encloseable adjoining screened room.

The Wenzel Grandview Tent offers ample ventilation and access with an inverted T door and a D style door, 5 mesh windows, a mesh roof and a mesh room.

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Constructed with a fiberglass and steel frame, the Wenzel Grandview Tent’s patented pentadome structure with a fast-feet system is easy to set up.

It features a weather-tight welded polyethylene floor, steel and plastic stakes for spot grounding, a gear loft, 2 hanging pockets and a convenient storage duffel for organization.

It’s easy to relive the day’s adventure when gathering inside the cozy Wenzel Grandview Tent.


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Wenzel Grandview Tent Features


Wenzel Grandview Tent Features:

  • 4.9m x 3.66m floor size
  • 110 sq. ft. + 40 sq. ft. floor area
  • 208 cm maximum height
  • 12 kg weight
  • polyester removable seam-sealed canopy/fly
  • welded polyethylene floor
  • 27.5 in x 10.5 in x 10.5 in packed size
  • 1 door
  • convertible screen room with inverted T style door and inside flag zippered windows
  • shock corded fiberglass main frame with steel uprights and corner elbows combined with fast feet for easy set up
  • multi-diameter fiberglass pole design for more head room and livable space
  • 5 zippered rear and side windows with inside privacy flaps
  • e-port for electrical cord access
  • gear loft and 2 convenient pockets
  • pre-attached guy ropes for added stability


Wenzel Grandview Pros & Cons:

Wenzel Grandview Tent Pros





  • poles have tendency to break first time up


What People Say about the Wenzel Grandview Tent:

“I picked this up in the spring as a Woot! special and finally got around to using it on an overnight in Gettysburg. I do like this tent, it was very easy to put up and it goes together very well, the fit of all of the pieces is very well designed and put together. I put it together for the first time with my mother in law in about 10-15 minutes, and that’s with trying to figure our where everything goes (could easily be done in about 5 minutes).

The Good: Its a very roomy tent, for a family of five there was plenty of room for us to enjoy the tent. We left all of our shoes and bags in the front vestibule of the tent and set up our sleeping bags in the main portion of the tent. Also, being 6’1″ it was nice to be able to stand up in the middle of the tent. The gear loft also came in handy to hang a small lantern.

The Not So Good, but not so bad: Although the tent is rather large, the foot print is slightly awkward. I purchased a 12×16 ft tarp for the tent knowing that it wasn’t going to fit under it without having to fold the tarp under in some spots, which I did. As for fitting 9 people, I’m sure its possible somehow. We went with two adults and three young children under 10 and the five of us fit comfortably in the main portion of the tent, with our bags in the front part. I could see maybe 8 adults packing tightly in the tent but there would be no room left for bags or packs. You seem to lose a lot of space with the roundness of the tent, but for the five of us it suits our needs.

For the price that I paid or this tent (134.99) at the time vs. prices for similar size tents, I certainly cant complain about it. While I have yet to experience this tent in any foul weather it seems to be made fairly well and I would certainly buy it again if I had to.” – richvjc

Wenzel Grandview Tent Inside

“We love it! We’ve set it for gatherings at our house for the kids to use, and they have a blast in it. We have used it a few times camping in the Midwest summer, each time without the rain cover, in order to fall asleep staring at the stars. We don’t have to slump over getting in. Our dog can sleep in the vestibule. The only complaint so far is that the zip door between the vestibule and the main tent area does not have a mesh. But we can live with that.
The three of us, my wife, daughter and me, feel like we’re glam camping with this tent. This will be our go-to tent for car camping.” – Ruben Noguera

Wenzel Grandview Tent Outside

“I recently got a chance to use this tent on a trip to Shashone Falls, Idaho. I set it up in the back yard and sprayed it down well with a hose and there was no leaks whatsoever. When camping in Idaho it rained pretty heavily for several hours and there were no leaks that were the tent’s fault. I misplaced a piece to the front tent pole that keeps the porch up so there was some water that leaked in due to that but that was my fault for losing the piece. I was able to rig up a temporary fix with bungee cords and no more leaks after that. Lots of bugs around the tent, but none of them were able to get in through the mesh of the tent as far as I was aware. 1 fly got through the door, but that is all. Velcro and zippers on the doors all seemed to be pretty sturdy. Loved the fact that there were zippers along the bottom and in the middle and really like the porch area when I had the piece to get the porch set up. I later found that piece so I will test the porch out again later. I have not rain proofed anything and it still didn’t leak, but I will be rain proofing later just to give extra protection. It doesn’t stay incredibly warm inside, but really keeps the wind out well. There is some wasted room in the main compartment due to the hexagon shape, but it fit our queen sized double high air mattress and all of our bags and if you put the bags in the porch area then you could fit another 2 twin air mattresses or sleeping bags in there as well as a queen. I still haven’t figured out exactly how to use the extra cables for the rain fly.

Set up was somewhat difficult for my wife and I. I’m not an experienced camper by any means and besides setting it up in my backyard this was my first time setting up ANY tent. Many have boasted of being able to set it up with 1 person, even if they are short. I am 5’6″ and my wife is 5’3″. I can pretty well hold up the middle, but my wife had trouble. It took us probably 1 hour 15 minutes to set it up in our backyard and maybe 35-45 minutes to set it up on the actual camping trip. The ceiling height is very nice, both of us could stand up easily throughout most of the tent. All poles seemed to stay in good shape through both setups. Getting the poles through all the different sleeves and hooks is the main difficult part as the poles are so long and want to come apart if you pull them from the other side (which is somewhat to be expected as they are in segments with the tether running through them).

I feel like overall it is a great tent for our needs and I feel that I probably will get faster at setting it up over the years. I believe it will last several years if not more than 10 years. Very happy with my purchase!” – Amazon Customer




Coleman Elite Weathermaster 6 Screened Tent is a 6 person cabin style shelter that is an upgrade from the standard Weathermaster 6

Coleman Elite Weathermaster 6 Screened Tent


Coleman Elite Weathermaster 6 Screened TentThe Coleman Elite Weathermaster 6 Screened Tent is a 6 person cabin style shelter that is an upgrade from the standard Weathermaster 6, that includes a roll-up window, tent light and difference in color.

Its 2 screened rooms, when divided is attached, provide great space for 2 double air mattresses and offer useful storage space and lounge in warmer weather conditions.

The Coleman Elite Weathermaster 6 Screened Tent is best suited for 2 adults and 2-3 children max, although there’s room to work around depending on what sleeping scenario is set up.

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The Coleman Elite Weathermaster 6 Screened Tent covers ventilation well with the interior meshing between the fly and tent, providing air flow, together with meshed windows that can be opened.

It will last a few years of use if taken cared of and it is fair to say only normal wear and tear can cause a problem to this fine shelter.

The Coleman Elite Weathermaster 6 Screened Tent provides comfort and room for small families needing a well ventilated shelter to protect them during summer vacations.


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Coleman Elite Weathermaster 6 Screened Tent Features:

  • Coleman Elite Weathermaster 6 Screened Tent Features6 person cabin style that has walls designed that are near-vertical to maximize room and living space
  • color coded sleeves and shock corded poles helps make setting up easier
  • 2 rooms and a screened porch provided which is useful for storage and living space (for dining, reading, relaxing)
  • center height of 6ft 10 inches provides enough head room for the tallest of people
  • 2 doors on each side for access in and out with 1 door hinged
  • an opening with a zipper built in to the back of the tent and window vents that improve ventilation
  • another zipper is provided for using as an electrical port
  • roll-up windows and an LED tent light


Coleman Elite Weathermaster 6 Screened Tent Pros & Cons:

Coleman Elite Weathermaster 6 Screened Tent Pros




  • not designed to weather the worst of storms


What People Say about the Coleman Elite Weathermaster 6 Screened Tent:

“Okay, I will have to come back in a few months to update on camping conditions such as wind resistants, water, cold, ect. as we haven’t used yet. I am so excited though, after putting up I cant wait to go camping. The swing door is amazing as well as the roll up windows. No more rolling up and tying fabric. The light is a very nice touch. I can’t wait to star gaze in the wee hours of the morning in the Utah Canyonlands from the spacious screened in area. There are so many little luxuries.” – lace66

What People Are Saying About Coleman Elite Weathermaster 6 Screened Tent

“I was a little concerned about spending the $$ on this tent after reading a ton of reviews saying it leaked. I’ve had a few opportunities to use it, and for whatever reason I seem to have all the (bad) luck when it comes to weather. I set this up for a week of camping around the 4th of July, and on the first and second day, we were hit by massive thunderstorms – strong wind, a deluge of rain coming from every direction. Although I carefully picked the place to set up, I wound up with about 2 inches of flowing water under the tent for a few hours straight due to the heavy rain. I did not have a drop inside the tent though it was probably the worst storm I’ve ever been in while camping. Several other occasions, I’ve been hit with rain and wind, and again, bone dry. I did spray the tent down with seam sealer before camping (I always do, even if it says it’s not needed), so not sure if that made a difference, but this thing has been great. Easy to set up/take down, lots of amenities, I have to say I love the tent.” – JblairNJ “Jason”

What People Are Saying About Coleman Elite Weathermaster 6 Screened Tent 2

“I spent quite a bit of time reviewing the selection of tents available through Amazon. While it’s just the two us beginning retirement, and while we were just going to be ‘camping’ in our daughter’s backyard I wanted to purchase a tent that would meet future serious camping needs as well We couldn’t be happier with our selection.

Our inflatable queen sized air mattress took up a bit of room, but we still had space for walkways on each side of the air mattress, our bags and clothing, and an area for our dog, ‘Bear,’ at the foot of our bed. Our granddaughter actually pitched her two- person tent inside the porch for several nights.

Most desirable features:
– Plenty of room
– Three well defined rooms
– The overhead light with an on/off switch next to me was very convenient
– We really enjoyed seeing the stars through the roof of the tent
– Great price on sale resulting in excellent value

My thanks to all those who provided feedback about this tent. They really helped us to make an excellent decision.” – Kindle Customer




Coleman Elite Sundome 6 Person Tent adds outdoor technology to campouts with built-in lights, auto roll windows and a patented hinged door

Coleman Elite Sundome 6 Person Tent


Coleman Elite Sundome 6 Person TentThe Coleman Elite Sundome 6 Person Tent adds outdoor technology to campouts with built-in lights, auto roll windows and a patented hinged door.

It provides 100 lumens of CPX 6 LED lights to keep the party going at night, with CPX system compatibility for choosing power source, either 4 D cell batteries or the included CPX 6 rechargeable power cartridge, with a CPX 6-powered energy pack that charges virtually anything with a USB port

The windows of the Coleman Elite Sundome 6 Person Tent grab the sunlight during the day as they neatly roll down when unzipped.

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The WeatherTec system of the Coleman Elite Sundome 6 Person Tent provides patented welded floors and inverted protected seams keeping campers dry when it rains.

Its Insta-Clip pole attachments stand up to the wind and its snag-free, continuous pole sleeves reduce set-up time to just 10 minutes.

Inside the Coleman Elite Sundome 6 Person Tent, its large, hinged doors make it easy to get in and out,  its headroom gives campers room to stand and move and its specially designed ventilation system moves the air while keeping insects out.


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Coleman Elite Sundome 6 Person Tent Features:

  • Coleman Elite Sundome Featuresexclusive WeatherTec System guarantees to keep you dry
  • built-in LED lights, 100 lumens, powered by rechargeable CPX 6 cartridge or 4 D cell batteries
  • includes CPX 6-powered energy pack
  • auto-roll windows neatly roll down when you unzip them
  • patented hinged door for easy in and out
  • dome design makes setup quick and easy in 10 minutes
  • spacious interior, 6 ft. (1.83 m) of headroom gives most campers room to stand and move
  • WeatherTec System, patented welded floors and inverted seams keep water out
  • rainfly for weather protection
  • mesh roof for more sunlight
  • Insta-Clip pole attachments stand up to winds
  • snag-free, continuous pole sleeves for easy setup
  • 12 ft. x 10 ft. (3.66 m x 3 m), fits six people or two queen airbeds
  • 1-year limited warranty


Coleman Elite Sundome 6 Person Tent Pros & Cons:



  • requires extra set-up to avoid taking in water during significant rain


What People Say about the Coleman Elite Sundome 6 Person Tent:

Coleman Elite Sundome Pros“Brilliant tent lived up to everything it boasted best camping experience I’ve ever had. …tent next to us was flooded out we were bone dry ….wonderful experience. …..” – John Finney


“I love my new tent. I have used it three times. The hinged door is great and really saves the on the back. Love the light inside also, both are wonderful features. The only unfortunate problem is that it is missing the metal strips the are supposed to be in with the tent, so I can’t use the self rolling windows. No wonder I couldn’t figure out how to use them. I love the tent and it features, I just would like to be able to use the self rolling windows.” – lilraeofhope

Coleman Elite Sundome Review


“The door is great as is the LED light. It rained hard for a full day & no water inside. The small zippered opening for an electrical cord is a nice touch. The roll up windows work fine, but is only a small value-added feature. The stakes are inadequate, so I need to spend a few bucks for larger ones for the corners. I actually was able to fold the tent to completely put it back into the carrier. My wife & I are in our 60’s and were able to set-up the tent in 30 minutes+/-. I suspect that the next time will be quicker. The only small frustration was properly aligning the light to install it correctly. I tried to force it and ripped it from the holder. Good value for the money.” – JEFFREY D JENKINS




Coleman Instant 6 Person Tent gives the most bang for the buck, being fastest to set up and ideal for the average summer, spring and early fall seasons

Coleman Instant 6 Person Tent


Coleman Instant 6 Person TentThe Coleman Instant 6 Person Tent gives the most bang for the buck, being very comfortable and providing amazing ventilation during those hot summer days, while allowing for bundling up to stay warm and dry during a storm.

It makes tent setting up exceptionally easy, with grommets already attached to poles and eliminates the need for a rainfly, with its totally waterproof fabric.

Best for car and family camping, the Coleman Instant 6 Person Tent provides big windows that allow for sitting inside on a hot day to escape the sun and to not overheat.

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The Coleman Instant 6 Person Tent is fine in the average summer, spring and early fall storms encountered by most campers.

It is totally seam sealed, made of 150D polyester coated fabric, stands 6 ft tall in the middle and features a very durable built-in tarp.

The Coleman Instant 6 Person Tent lives up to its name as far as ease of setup is concerned, allowing more time with friends and family and less time wrestling with a monstrous tent setup, which can leave one in a bad mood.


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Coleman Instant 6 Person Tent Features:

  • 3 season tent
  • freestanding
  • 150D polyester floor materials
  • 37.7 lbs weight
  • 1 door
  • 6’4” maximum indoor height
  • 112 sq. ft. floor
  • 2 min. set up time with 2 people
  • 5 min. take down time

Coleman Instant 6 Person Tent Interior

Coleman Instant 6 Person Tent Pros & Cons:


Coleman Instant 6 Person Tent Set UpCons:

  • no rainfly
  • door opens to ground
  • hard to keep doors taut
  • only one door
  • vents on top don’t seal very well in rain
  • bad in wind
  • small stakes


What People Say about the Coleman Instant 6 Person Tent:

“I have had this tent for 3 years and have used the tent maybe 10-15 times. We bought this tent as our “big” tent to fit our cots and allow for space to stand. The interior is spacious and my 6’5″ husband can stand very comfortably and the two cots fit with plenty of extra room. The tent opens and closes VERY easily and can be done by one person. When packed up in the bag the tent is pretty heavy and still pretty big, but this is expected of this kind of tent (this isn’t a tent you would want take if you had to hike to a camp site). The walls and floor are well constructed (the floor is a thicker grade heavier material). We have used this tent in the rain without much leakage; however, we were using cots, so I can’t say how it might feel if you had to sleep on the floor of the tent. My only complaint is that the door flap, because it is large without interior support, is sometimes difficult to zip closed with one hand (you need two hands to hold it taut to line up the zippers).” – Julie

What People Say About Coleman Instant 6 Person Tent


“Very easy set up. Used it up in Cherokee, N.C. on a cold night (39f) and the tent kept us dry, blocked the wind that was blowing pretty steadily, and was very roomy for the two of us. SIZE- this will fit 2 queen blow up mattresses tightly, so keep that in mind. Rec. buying individual blow up mattresses and should fit 4 of them easily with room to spare. Buy larger tent stakes, use a tarp to cover the ground in cool/damp areas and you will enjoy this tent. Justin Braneky, Braneky Pest Prevention, Inc. Geneva Fl” – Braneky Pest Prevention


“This tent is amazingly easy to set up! It’s so spacious we could fit a queen size mattress, all our gear including the cooler and extra Jeep parts, a chair, AND still had room for more if we wanted it. My boyfriend and I set it up in less than 2 minutes (I timed it) in the dark the first time. We have only taken it camping in nice weather, but it was plenty warm during late September and even when covered in dew it did not leak.

As an extra precaution we did use tent sealant on all of the seams, it only cost about $5 and I feel it was worth it.

Overall this is a great tent for people who want to ‘car camp’ and spend more time out in nature than setting up camp. This tent sets up faster and sturdier than my old 2-person dome tent. Well worth the money” – Mariah




Wenzel Great Basin Tent is a large, 3 room, 18’ x 10’ family dome tent that sleeps up to 10 people

Wenzel Great Basin Tent

Wenzel Great Basin Tent Red

Red (4.2/5)

Blue (4.3/5)

The Wenzel Great Basin Tent is a large, 3 room, 18’ x 10’ family dome tent that sleeps up to 10 people.

Its heavy duty polyethylene floor has welded seams for strength and waterproofing while its mesh roof, 4 windows and door improves ventilation on those hot steamy nights.

The polyester fly of the Wenzel Great Basin Tent is seam sealed and covers most of the tent, keeping it dry and protected.

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Wenzel Great Basin Tent BlueThe Wenzel Great Basin Tent (Blue) has a removable room divider, easy to set up or take down for 1, 2 or 3 rooms, with each room measuring 6’ x 10’, a big plus for this particular type of tent.

Its  large D-style door makes for very simple entry/exit, covered by a hoop frame.

The seams of the Wenzel Great Basin Tent (Red) are welded together to give maximum protection against rain entering the tent.


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Wenzel Great Basin Tent Features:

  • sleeps 10 people
  • super tough 1000D welded polyethylene floor
  • weather armor polyester fly and 600mm coated walls for non-sagging when wet and good UV resistance
  • 1 large D-style side entry door with storm flag closure
  • 2 removable room dividers for 1, 2 or 3 6’ x 10’ room configuration with center zippers
  • 4 windows with storm flaps for great ventilation
  • mesh roof for more ventilation and condensation reduction
  • shock-corded fiberglass frame for easy set up
  • e-port for electrical appliances
  • interior storage pockets for extra stuff, keeping tent neat and organized
  • easy convenient sleeve and clip construction
  • fast and simple pole to body connection
  • external guy points for keeping tent stable in storm and high winds
  • includes carry sacks and stakes
  • multi-diameter pole for  more headroom creation
  • fire-retardant
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Wenzel Great Basin Pros & Cons:




Wenzel Great Basin Tent



  •  poor fly design
  • leaky
  • too small tent bag


What People Say about the Wenzel Great Basin Tent:

“I took my time to research other tents (within price range), and what people say about them. And finally, I’ve bought this one for my family camping trip to Main. There was 4 people and the dog. Plenty of space for everyone. We’ve placed supplies and a small dining table with benches in the middle room. And two beds in each “side” room.

INSTALLATION: It took me around 10 minutes to raise this tent from start to finish. VERY easy! And even less to disassemble it. Had no trouble at all to pack it back into it’s original carrying bag. Please note, that it was our first camping trip in decades.

WEATHER: We’ve experienced almost two days of heavy rain inside this tent. No leaks from roof, floor or anywhere. Keep in mind that all windows and door must be closed, of course. The “roof ventilation” is great. Meaning that it is a summer tent. If you’re planning a trip, and the nights are cold – it’s the same as sleeping outside. So, get REALLY warm sleeping bags.

OVERALL: Of course there are better tents, and tents a lot larger then this one. Questions for you to answer are: Do you really NEED it? And do you want to spend couple thousands of dollars instead of couple hundreds? For me it was easy to answer those questions. I’m not planning an expedition. I will MAYBE use this tent once or twice a year. It is more than roomy enough for my family. It’s quick and easy to install and uninstall everything. And the construction is very durable.

So, I would recommend this tent to anyone who wants a nice roomy tent without paying too much.” – Max

Wenzel Great Basin Family Dome Tent

“We were looking for something a step up from the tiny 4 (felt like 2) person tent that we had and came across this Wenzel. The price is certainly decent and we decided to get it and try it out. We’ve set it up a few times and taken it on one camping trip and here are our thoughts thus far.

-Huge! This thing dwarfs other tents and will surely make others jealous! We filled it with a queen size air mattress, a baby’s pack-and-play, a camp chair, a ton of gear, and still only covered half the floor space and had plenty of room to walk around. You will easily forget you are sleeping in a tent. Do not underestimate the size of this thing, it is really, really big.
-Easy to set up. Just four main poles and a very straightforward rain-fly.
-Convenient. Not too heavy and folds back into its back without too much difficulty.
-Light-rain proof. Haven’t tried it in a real storm but kept a light rain/dew off.

-Definitely requires staking on the sides. Not sure how it would hold up if you had really loose soil or sand.
-Not a cold weather tent by any means.

All in all, we were very pleased. Just two of us had no problem setting it up in <15 minutes and didn’t find any defects in stitching, quality, etc.” – G. Allen

Coleman Red Canyon 8 Person Tent is an excellent all around modified dome tent that keeps campers prepared for any weather, be it wet, stormy or screaming hot

Coleman Red Canyon 8 Person Tent


Coleman Red Canyon 8 Person TentThe Coleman Red Canyon 8 Person Tent is an excellent all around modified dome tent that keeps campers prepared for any weather, be it wet, stormy or screaming hot.

It is designed to keep moisture out, with its various tech features and advanced venting system for airflow and temperature regulation.

The Coleman Red Canyon 8 Person Tent is one of the most waterproof tents, a definite best at its price.

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While it is one of the least expensive family tents on the market, the Coleman Red Canyon 8 Person Tent is of legendary quality and construction.

Its 2 features campers found most appealing is its patented Weathertec system that provides comfort eliminating the worry about any bad weather and its Cool Air port and Variflow venting system that offers a proper airflow system by adjustment of the tent airflow from the inside to the outside.

The Coleman Red Canyon 8 Person Tent is one of the best selling tents, allowing campers a maximum of 3 rooms, depending on how the included dividers are positioned.


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Coleman Red Canyon 8 Person Tent Features:

  • can accommodate 8 campers
  • measures 17’ x 10’ with a 72” center height
  • easy tent set-up with shock-corded poles and easy-to-follow assembly instructions
  • features  Coleman’s exclusive Weathertec System for keeping dry from unexpected wet weather
  • features Cool-Air port and Variflo adjustable venting system for airflow adjustment and gear access
  • includes room dividers for creation of 3 separate rooms
  • includes separate storage bags for tents, poles and stakes
  • available in 2 other fabric colors, i.e., Coleman Red Canyon 8 Person Tent in blue and Coleman Red Canyon 8 Person Tent in black


Coleman Red Canyon 8 Person Tent Features

Coleman Red Canyon 8 Person Tent Pros & Cons:



  • not strong enough


What People Say about the Coleman Red Canyon 8 Person Tent:

“My husband and I were able to set the tent up easily. The second day of camping it started to sprinkle , then during the night and early morning it poured. We didn’t have one drop of water in our tent. It was wonderful after prior
experiences with two different tents. (Indoor pools in our tent)
There are two panels you can hang to divide the space. My kids each had their own room on the ends.
We liked the little mesh panel for the ceiling used for a small cargo hold.
Highly recommended!” – L. Mitts

Coleman Red Canyon 8 Person Tent Pros

“I purchased this for use by my family of 4. We have two young scouts in the family and my wife and I are active in their Pack as well so having a comfortable well sorted out tent was a must for us. So far we’ve taken this tent out in the following weather conditions: Hot, wet, raining buckets, windy, cool and cold/windy weather. It has performed very well in all of these conditions and I have no doubt that it will continue to do so for several years to come.

Some of the observations I’ve made having taken it into the field several times are:
1. Use a quality ground tarp. The tent bottom seems like it could get beat up quickly without a tarp beneath it. Spend the extra bucks and get the HD tarp.
2. Once you put the tarp down, completely unroll and spread the tent out, stake down the 4 loops at the ends of the tent. Doing this will make putting the rest of the tent up VERY easy. So much so that you should be able to put the tent up solo (minus the rain fly) with no trouble after you use it a couple of times.
3. You have to do the grey poles first. If you start with the orange poles it’s a hassle to put the tent up.
4. The tent tends to be hot and stuffy inside with the fly on and minimal breeze. We used it recently in a heavily shaded camp site with the temps in the low 80’s and it was uncomfortably hot inside the tent until well after night fall.
5. Had a little water seepage near the door in a heavy rain storm. It was at the seam where the tent wall met the floor. I think it was an issue with the design of the rain fly. It allowed water to run down and collect right at that seam. If the door overhang was a little bigger or possibly designed a little differently to channel water away from the door (duh) this wouldn’t be an issue. It was exacerbated by the fact that wind was blowing at the door side of the tent which cause that wall to push in a bit and create a bigger area for water to pool. It should be classified as an annoyance rather than a serious design flaw.
6. You can’t close off all of the mesh “windows”. There’s a window on the door and on the opposite back wall of the tent that can be closed off. There are mesh panels at the end walls that are completely covered by the rain fly to protect against the weather and privacy but you can’t zip up a solid panel to make the tent wind proof and warmer in cold/rainy/windy conditions.
7. Stake it down good. Coleman gives you lots of pegs. Use them! Every ground loop and guy-out line should be utilized since this tent is so big and susceptible to the influence of the wind.

Overall, my family and I really like this tent. It’s got plenty of room to settle in and have ample space to get/keep your gear organized, not be bumping into each other with multiple people in it and not go bananas if you have to hunker down in foul weather. I don’t think I would recommend putting more than 2 adults and 3 small kids in it.

Hope this helps!” – Twins1022

Coleman Red Canyon 8 Person Tent Insides

“This is a nice, spacious SUMMER tent. Don’t even think about using it if its spring/fall and the temperatures might drop, but its fantastic in hot weather, rain or not. Also this isn’t a tent for windy conditions due to its high profile. I can set this tent up alone, although getting the rain fly over the top can be a bit tricky on my own, it does eventually get there. I hadn’t thought about how tough it would be for 65″ tall me to get a rain fly over the 78″ top of a 10×17′ tent! I bought this tent for summer camping when rain was a likely complication, when I am NOT packing it more than a few yards from the vehicle. (It is a heavy tent.) It holds a table, chairs, cot, gear, and dog quite comfortably and is ridiculously spacious when I am camping alone. When a group is camping and the weather goes wet, it becomes a great place for people to get together out of the rain and have coffee, play cards, etc. I do think the “cool port” thing is about the dumbest looking thing I have ever seen on a tent though…it looks like either a demented dog door or I’m expecting the little people to join me. The “mud mat” is also rather dorky. Being three room is kind of stretching it, but the curtains are useful for changing clothes when there is a mixed group together.

Minuses on this tent: it has a single d-door with a single zipper pull, which starts on the bottom. It has huge mesh sections in the ceiling over the ends, and there isn’t any way to close them off. It lacks extra tie down points on the rain fly for foul weather when the wind kicks up a bit, which means its inclined to really start popping in a gust. There are not very many stake points on the tent itself either, which also help in foul weather.

This is a very decent budget tent for summer use.” – Southern Mississippi




Guide Gear Teepee Tent is an excellent 3 season tent, offering unsurpassed camping comfort, constructed from lightweight, waterproof,heavy duty polyester

Guide Gear Teepee Tent

10’ x 10’ (3.7/5)

14’ x 14’ (3.3/5)

18’ x 18’ (3.9/5)

Guide Gear Teepee Tent 18 x 18The Guide Gear Teepee Tent is an excellent 3 season tent, offering unsurpassed camping comfort, constructed from lightweight, waterproof,heavy duty polyester.

It functions well in high precipitation and windy conditions, offering covered mesh windows for great ventilation assurance, allowing effective air circulation, even on hot evenings.

The polyethylene floor of the Guide Gear Teepee Tent 18′ x 18′ is sewn in for added protection provision and its factory sealed seams provide exceptional seal and hold.

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A value packed bargain, the Guide Gear Teepee Tent 14′ x 14′ provides plenty of camping enjoyment, given its easy to set up and take down feature.

The rugged construction of the Guide Gear Teepee Tent 10′ x 10′ ensures years of excellent service while its center post ensures great stability given its steel construction.

The Guide Gear Teepee Tent Backpacking includes stakes; pull-through guy ropes for accidental tripping prevention, particularly during low-light conditions; ventilation peak, protected from rain and ground vents for effective ventilation and air flow.


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Guide Gear Teepee Tent Additional Features:

Guide Gear Teepee Tent 14 x 14

    •  peak-style construction, wide-open floor plan affords loads of interior room
    • lightweight and rugged waterproof 190-denier polyester shell
    • weatherproofed covered mesh windows for keeping rain and insects out
    • host of modern features
    • for excellent weather resistance, polyurethane coating  is 1,000 mm for 10’ x 10’ and 18’ x 18’; 1,200 mm for 14’ x 14’; 1,500 mm for backpacking
    • center height is 5’ ½” for backpacking; 6’ 6’’ for 10’ x 10’; 9’ for 14’ x 14’, 9’ 9’’ for  18’ x 18’
    • sleeps 3 people for backpacking; 6 people for 10’ x 10’; 8-10 people for 14’ x 14’; 10-12 people for 18’ x 18’
    • weighs 7 lbs for backpacking; 14 lbs, 13 oz for 10’ x 10’; 24 lbs for 14’ x 14’; 21 lbs, 4 oz for 18’ x 18’
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Guide Gear Teepee Tent Pros & Cons:




  • sub-par instructions
  • lots of guy lines to stake out
  • tad cheap guy lines


What People Say about the Guide Gear Teepee Tent:

Guide Gear Teepee Tent Backpacking“I have had many tents over the years and I have camped all over the U.S. I recently purchased this tent after reading all the reviews. That cord complaints are invalid it is a quality cord. The lower stoop comaints on the doors letting water in are also invalid. Obviously a four season tent in my eyes is canvas and you would have to pack it in on a mule. The only valid complaint in regard to this tent is the velcro has a tendancy to stick to the screens. I found if you pay attention to what you are doing you can avoid this. And when it happens its not a big deal. I am extremely happy with this tent. It is an extreamly good buy! And to be honest of all the tents that are made today it is light weight nylon material and just as durable as any other I have owned. Awesome tent, great value water proof and seam seal as with all tents. Easy up and easy down, family of five, bedding, gear and extras and still plenty of room!” – Gregory Schreiber


“I own several guide gear items, and have always been impressed with the quality for the price. This tent was no exception to that, but I did expect a bit too much for the price this time. For most folks, down below timber-line this is a very good base camp. However, we were set up far above timber-line and the wind was ferocious, ripping out the peg loops at the base, causing us to anchor with rocks around the inside perimeter of the tent. During frequent rain squalls, the tent was completely water proof. On the odd hot day that we had, it did not sweat inside, due to the good ventilation system.The tent has excess room for 2 people and all their gear, and the vestibule is especially roomy.” – brian Thompson


“This tent is awesome. Seriously it is legit. I couldn’t be happier, the available room inside is fantastic. Two entrances, windows, vents. I’ve camped my entire life and this is by far the easiest tent I’ve ever set up. Only thing I would add is to be safe you should put some gorilla tape on the bottom of the tent where the center pole sits…to protect the tent floor from ripping over time. I noticed this issue right away and put a nice patch down to protect against this happening.” – Brian William Mohr




Kelty Parthenon Tent is a mansion style tent offering 143 sq. ft. of living space for 8 and 64 sq. ft. for 4, constructed from polyester

Kelty Parthenon Tent

4 Person (4.5/5)

8 Person (4.7/5)

Kelty ParthenonThe Kelty Parthenon Tent is a mansion style tent offering 143 sq. ft. of living space for the 8-person tent and 64 sq. ft. for the 4-person tent, with mesh wall panels for ventilation improvement.

It is constructed from polyester, including an organizer wall, gear loft loops and noiseless zipper pulls for conveniences.

The Kelty Parthenon Tent is a freestanding tent featuring 2 doors, a minimum weight of 26 lbs 5 oz. and a peak height of 6’ 4” for the 8 person tent and 1 door, a minimum weight of 20 lbs 15 oz. and a peak height of 6’ for the 4 person tent.

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The Kelty Parthenon 4 Person Tent is made for families who enjoy fair-weather, comfortable camping, being a hugely spacious tent, allowing for much more than a little elbow room.

The Kelty Parthenon 8 Person Tent is considered the most comfortable of tents and feels like the biggest tent ever given its outward slanting walls.


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Kelty Parthenon Tent Additional Features:


8 Person Tent

  • color coded clip and sleeve construction for easy set up
  • generous vestibule for plentiful gear storage space
  • mesh panels for ventilation provision and condensation decrement
  • swivel hub system for stability enhancement and set up ease
  • taped seams, water tight walls and zip window flaps for keeping water out during unpleasant weather
  • internal storage pocket and gear loft loops for organization of essentials
  • noiseless zipper pulls

Kelty Parthenon 4 Person Tent


4 Person Tent

  • very tall peak height
  • waterproof construction
  • versatile rainfly/awning design



Kelty Parthenon Pros & Cons:


8 Person Tent




  • small stakes
  • bad in wind
  • only one side has doors
  • ventilation
  • condensation

Kelty Parthenon 8 Person Tent Features

4 Person Tent




  • more susceptible to wind
  • added difficulty in set up


What People Say about the Kelty Parthenon Tent:

“We purchased this tent after much research because it was my wife’s first time tent camping and I wanted her to feel comfortable. It will defenately will sleep 8 adults with full size sleeping pads. The first time I set it up by myself it only took 20 minutes with the rainfly. Now I have it down to a science and can have it up in 15 minutes by myself or 10 with help as the fly is so huge. We broke it on on an 8 day camping trip through Oregon and Washington and it stayed dry the whole time. Not once did we experience condensation. The price is steep if you pay full retail but is totally worth it but you can find it much cheaper if you look around. I was able to find it at almost half off of retail.” – Michael Whitesell


“I’ve used this tent for two years now. Very roomy. Easy to set up and put down. No leaks. Highly recommended.” – BeerSnob

Kelty Parthenon 4 Person Tent Features

“This was the perfect tent for our family of five (kids 10,10, and 12). Built very well and love that the rain fly covers all the way to ground in front and back and far enough out over windows to give good coverage but still allow good airflow. When we set this up, my wife and I looked at each other and said wow, it’s too big, but easily fit two queen air mattresses and could have fit an additional twin though would eat up most the floor space except for a trail at the front of the tent. We were fortunate enough to have great weather so sorry I can’t comment on the ability to sustain wind and rain, but i honestly don’t think that will be a problem based on other reviews that I read. I also really liked that I could walk the entire length of the tent without even bending over. If you have a family of 4 go with the 6 person but if you have the 5th person, I would definitely recommend the 8. Easy to put up, but definitely takes 2 people. Lastly, I did spray the rain fly with camp dry and that went well, however, I also sprayed both ends of the tent with camp dry and they turned yellow. No discoloration on the fly itself but just a warning if you decide to spray the tent too.” – Brian Walters


“Great tent so far. Well designed and made with high-quality materials. And, it’s easy to put up! Time will tell.” – Lyndall B. Blake




Kodiak Canvas Flex Bow Tent is one of the roomiest cabin style tents on the market, making it truly a home away from home, as far as tents are concerned

Kodiak Canvas Flex Bow Tent

4 Person (4.4/5)

6 Person (4.7/5)

Kodiak Canvas Flex Bow TentThe Kodiak Canvas Flex Bow Tent is one of the roomiest cabin style tents on the market, making it truly a home away from home, as far as tents are concerned.

It is made from high quality material, i.e., an ultra durable Hydra-Shield, 100% cotton duck canvas, unlike any of the materials used on other tents.

The Kodiak Canvas Flex Bow Tent provides watertight protection while still being breathable, the downside of which is its being much heavier than other tents.


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Kodiak Canvas Flex Bow 4 Person TentThe Kodiak Canvas Flex Bow Tent remains to be easy to set up, despite its rugged construction and resultant extra weight.

It is a good choice for people who camp more than once a year, who want their tent to last more than 1 to 2 seasons, who want to stay dry and prefer their tent to withstand 50+ mph winds.

The Kodiak Canvas Flex Bow Tent makes sleeping in the woods feel like sleeping in a luxury hotel.


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Kodiak Canvas Flex Bow Tent Features:

  • exceptionally tough Flex Bow frame, keeping the tent taut, and allowing for quick and easy one-person set-up
  • spacious ceiling height of 6’ 1” for 4 person tent and 6’ 6” for 6 person tent making possible walking around without having to stoop
  • convenient entry and exit through two D-shaped doors, front and back
  • strong zippers to secure the doors
  • 4 large, meshed windows
  • a large 70” by 57” awning for  4 person tent and 72” by 78” awning for 6 person tent
  • customizable gear loft and organizer pockets
  • 2 funnel flow vents for improved airflow and temperature management
  • comes with heavy-duty 12-inch, steel rod stakes
  • convenient strap-and-cinch storage bag for easy roll-up
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Kodiak Canvas Flex Bow 6 Person Tent

Kodiak Canvas Flex Bow Tent Pros & Cons:



  • high standard canvas ensures reliable shelter that is watertight, breathable and durable
  • greater resistance to mold and mildew
  • keeps dry, even in a downpour, neither leaking nor wicking water
  • no obsessing about touching the ceiling or walls during a rain storm
  • increased comfort levels, allowing water vapor to escape, minimizing condensation, humidity and mugginess
  • rare material re-treatment, unlike canvas with paraffin or oil-based treatments
  • strong, durable construction remaining to be a reliable buffer against the elements longer, outlasting tents made with inferior fabrics
  • generous ceiling height makes it easy to move around
  • easy to keep tidy, with its customizable gear loft and organizer pockets
  • no  contortion required to pull pants on
  • simple to maintain fresh air flow and temperature management
  • Plenty of light inside through the four large windows
  • convenient entry and exit through 2 large D-shaped doors
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Kodiak Canvas Flex Bow 4 Person Tent Features


  • heavy
  • higher price than poly tents


What People Say about the Kodiak Canvas Flex Bow Tent:

“I just got back from an elk hunting trip. This Kodiak tent is awesome. The wind was non stop. The Kodiak shrugged it off. Day time highs were mid 80’s. Any of my other tents (nylon) would have been stuffy, hot, and uncomfortable. This tent stayed much cooler than the outside temperature. Can’t wait to try it later in the season with rain and snow.

This tent sets up easily with one person. It took about 10 minutes to pound in all the giant stakes. The rest of it took less than 2 minutes to put together and raise the tent. Being able to walk around inside the tent was a huge plus to comfort and livability.” – brian roberts

Kodiak Canvas Flex Bow 6 Person Tent Features

“I was a little hesitant about spending this much money on a tent. My wife alway likes to count the pennies so I stood the chance of being in big trouble for this purchase :-) Well we spent our first weekend away in it last weekend and she is so in love with the tent (phew I got away with that one). The tent is so well made, so simple to setup and take down and everything about the tent oozes quality and thoughtful design, down to having spare central connection clips at each end inside to string a line for holding a lantern etc.
The floor of the tent is seriously heavy duty, the zipper system is well thought out and has superb YKK heavy duty zippers and there are so many storage options within the tent. If I could give this 10 stars I would. Thank you Kodiak Canvas for a fantastic product!” – Ian

Kodiak Canvas Flex Bow 4 Person Tent Pros & Cons

“I was looking for a smallish tent with steep walls (hate those ones that tap your head, especially in rain). I wanted the best construction and an affordable price. I wanted to be general enough in design to handle deserts, mountains, east and west, rain or dry, cold or hot. It is just about perfect for this. The price is that it is heavy, so won’t be going on foot into back country (nor will I anymore, come to think of it). Anyhow, I love it. Be warned, though, that some people may want the larger versions, if they need tons of space. This is for 3 people and our gear, or 4 people and not much else.” – T. Brown




Big Agnes Angel Springs is the minimalist running shoe of tents, keeping things light and simple and providing enough comfort

Big Agnes Angel Springs


Big Agnes Angel Springs UL2The Big Agnes Angel Springs is the minimalist running shoe of tents providing enough comfort.

It keeps things light and simple with 1 vestibule, 1 door, a hybrid single and double wall design, allowing for a smaller rain fly and enough shoulder room for 2 or 3 skinny guys to lie down side by side by side.

The Big Agnes Angel Springs is hardly Spartan, weighing in at just over a pound per person.

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Big Agnes Angel Springs UL3The Big Agnes Angel Springs offer 3 pockets in the ceiling, a large door, a handy storage sleeve and a roomy vestibule, splitting down the middle and peeling back to make the entry feel even wider.

Its set up is simple and fast with color-coded poles and straps and a narrow footprint fitting into tight camping spots.

The Big Agnes Angel Springs provides sweet versatility with its single door and vestibule, making it great for 1 or 2 persons liking a lot of room, yet large enough to handle 2 or 3 people in a pinch.


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Big Agnes Angel Springs Features:


  • Big Agnes Angel Springs UL2 Featurestrail weight is 2 lbs 10 oz for UL2 and 3 lbs for UL3
  • packed weight is 3 lbs for UL2 and 3 lbs 6 oz for UL3
  • fast fly weight is 1 lb 14 oz for UL2 and 2 lbs 1 oz for UL3
  • packed size is 4.5” x 20” for UL2 and 5.5” x 18” for UL3
  • floor area is 29 sq ft for UL2 and 41 sq ft for UL3
  • vestibule area is 10 sq ft for UL2 and 11 sq ft for UL3
  • head height is 42” for UL2 and 44” for UL3
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Big Agnes Angel Springs Pros & Cons:


Big Agnes Angel Springs UL3 FeaturesPros:

  • very well designed and functional tent
  • set up is a breeze with everything color coded
  • excellent ventilation with roof vents that can be opened and closed and fly going only halfway down
  • good sized vestibule
  • nice inside netted pockets for smaller gear storage
  • holds up fine in 20 to 50 mph winds
  • get your very own Big Agnes Angel Springs UL3 Tent right here and now!



  • pretty thin material


What People Say about the Big Agnes Angel Springs:

What People Say About Big Agnes Angel Springs UL2

“This is my first foray into ultra-light tents, and I was not expecting how delicate the material would feel, but it has certainly proved itself in the field. Although it feels like lingerie silk, this shelter has stood up to pounding rain, 20mph wind, prickly pine needles and pointy rocks on the ground, and my clumsy manhandling. So far there have been no leaks, no tears, no buckling of the poles, and not a single loose thread. This design provides incredible ventilation, and I have yet to experience a single drop of condensation. The downside with all the ventilation is, I imagine it won’t be the first choice for cold weather camping. However, it instantly became my go-to for anything above 40 degrees. The tent body and fly stuff down to a grapefruit size ball, the poles are easy to hide in down one corner of my pack, and I only have to carry 4 ultralight stakes for the fly (however, if there is no chance of rain, I rarely set up the fly….. I prefer to look at the stars) The old adage, “you get what you pay for”, has won again.

My criteria for a new tent was a freestanding 2+ person design that was under 3 pounds trail ready. At time of purchase, there were pretty much no other viable options. I window shopped this model for over a month before buying it, very hesitant that there was only 1 review on Amazon, and only 1 review on YouTube (of a pre-sale prototype). To clear up some mis-information…. there are 4 pockets on the ceiling, and 2 of those are “double” pockets, so there are effectively 6 up there. There is an additional double pocket in the front-right corner, near a sleeper’s head. Inside the tent, coinciding with every pole attachment loop on the outside, is a small loop where you can hang small carabiners or gear hooks. These are also the attachment points for the available gear lofts and media device hanger. You are essentially spoiled for choice on where to put all your small items and pocket contents. The fly comes with ultralight cording pre-knotted to every exterior loop, and is a cinch to throw up. Just be careful to only stake the left side of the front of the fly, otherwise you won’t be able to open the door. Personally, I’ve only had to use the fly twice, but it has proved itself under terrible conditions both times.

The only negative comment I can make isn’t even about the tent itself, but it’s optional footprint. If you’re interested in doing the fast-fly setup, it’s a great choice. If you’re just interested in ground protection under the tent body, you’re better off using a piece of 1443R Tyvek or heavy plastic. The footprint has no way to directly attach to the tent, so you either have to stake it by itself, or leave it laying loose.” – steven a wise

What People Say About Big Agnes Angel Springs UL3

“the snow is gone in Southern Connecticut, I use used my Angel Springs UL2 (HumbleOutdoors $308 w/free footprint) last night. I like this tent, very nice with the gusty March winds. The single wall feels robust for a tent of this weight. After securing it snugly , the tent was virtually noise free.” – Amazon customer