Big Agnes Angel Springs is the minimalist running shoe of tents, keeping things light and simple and providing enough comfort

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Big Agnes Angel Springs


Big Agnes Angel Springs UL2The Big Agnes Angel Springs is the minimalist running shoe of tents providing enough comfort.

It keeps things light and simple with 1 vestibule, 1 door, a hybrid single and double wall design, allowing for a smaller rain fly and enough shoulder room for 2 or 3 skinny guys to lie down side by side by side.

The Big Agnes Angel Springs is hardly Spartan, weighing in at just over a pound per person.

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Big Agnes Angel Springs UL3The Big Agnes Angel Springs offer 3 pockets in the ceiling, a large door, a handy storage sleeve and a roomy vestibule, splitting down the middle and peeling back to make the entry feel even wider.

Its set up is simple and fast with color-coded poles and straps and a narrow footprint fitting into tight camping spots.

The Big Agnes Angel Springs provides sweet versatility with its single door and vestibule, making it great for 1 or 2 persons liking a lot of room, yet large enough to handle 2 or 3 people in a pinch.


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Big Agnes Angel Springs Features:


  • Big Agnes Angel Springs UL2 Featurestrail weight is 2 lbs 10 oz for UL2 and 3 lbs for UL3
  • packed weight is 3 lbs for UL2 and 3 lbs 6 oz for UL3
  • fast fly weight is 1 lb 14 oz for UL2 and 2 lbs 1 oz for UL3
  • packed size is 4.5” x 20” for UL2 and 5.5” x 18” for UL3
  • floor area is 29 sq ft for UL2 and 41 sq ft for UL3
  • vestibule area is 10 sq ft for UL2 and 11 sq ft for UL3
  • head height is 42” for UL2 and 44” for UL3
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Big Agnes Angel Springs Pros & Cons:


Big Agnes Angel Springs UL3 FeaturesPros:

  • very well designed and functional tent
  • set up is a breeze with everything color coded
  • excellent ventilation with roof vents that can be opened and closed and fly going only halfway down
  • good sized vestibule
  • nice inside netted pockets for smaller gear storage
  • holds up fine in 20 to 50 mph winds
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  • pretty thin material


What People Say about the Big Agnes Angel Springs:

What People Say About Big Agnes Angel Springs UL2

“This is my first foray into ultra-light tents, and I was not expecting how delicate the material would feel, but it has certainly proved itself in the field. Although it feels like lingerie silk, this shelter has stood up to pounding rain, 20mph wind, prickly pine needles and pointy rocks on the ground, and my clumsy manhandling. So far there have been no leaks, no tears, no buckling of the poles, and not a single loose thread. This design provides incredible ventilation, and I have yet to experience a single drop of condensation. The downside with all the ventilation is, I imagine it won’t be the first choice for cold weather camping. However, it instantly became my go-to for anything above 40 degrees. The tent body and fly stuff down to a grapefruit size ball, the poles are easy to hide in down one corner of my pack, and I only have to carry 4 ultralight stakes for the fly (however, if there is no chance of rain, I rarely set up the fly….. I prefer to look at the stars) The old adage, “you get what you pay for”, has won again.

My criteria for a new tent was a freestanding 2+ person design that was under 3 pounds trail ready. At time of purchase, there were pretty much no other viable options. I window shopped this model for over a month before buying it, very hesitant that there was only 1 review on Amazon, and only 1 review on YouTube (of a pre-sale prototype). To clear up some mis-information…. there are 4 pockets on the ceiling, and 2 of those are “double” pockets, so there are effectively 6 up there. There is an additional double pocket in the front-right corner, near a sleeper’s head. Inside the tent, coinciding with every pole attachment loop on the outside, is a small loop where you can hang small carabiners or gear hooks. These are also the attachment points for the available gear lofts and media device hanger. You are essentially spoiled for choice on where to put all your small items and pocket contents. The fly comes with ultralight cording pre-knotted to every exterior loop, and is a cinch to throw up. Just be careful to only stake the left side of the front of the fly, otherwise you won’t be able to open the door. Personally, I’ve only had to use the fly twice, but it has proved itself under terrible conditions both times.

The only negative comment I can make isn’t even about the tent itself, but it’s optional footprint. If you’re interested in doing the fast-fly setup, it’s a great choice. If you’re just interested in ground protection under the tent body, you’re better off using a piece of 1443R Tyvek or heavy plastic. The footprint has no way to directly attach to the tent, so you either have to stake it by itself, or leave it laying loose.” – steven a wise

What People Say About Big Agnes Angel Springs UL3

“the snow is gone in Southern Connecticut, I use used my Angel Springs UL2 (HumbleOutdoors $308 w/free footprint) last night. I like this tent, very nice with the gusty March winds. The single wall feels robust for a tent of this weight. After securing it snugly , the tent was virtually noise free.” – Amazon customer




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