Coleman Instant 6 Person Tent gives the most bang for the buck, being fastest to set up and ideal for the average summer, spring and early fall seasons

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Coleman Instant 6 Person Tent


Coleman Instant 6 Person TentThe Coleman Instant 6 Person Tent gives the most bang for the buck, being very comfortable and providing amazing ventilation during those hot summer days, while allowing for bundling up to stay warm and dry during a storm.

It makes tent setting up exceptionally easy, with grommets already attached to poles and eliminates the need for a rainfly, with its totally waterproof fabric.

Best for car and family camping, the Coleman Instant 6 Person Tent provides big windows that allow for sitting inside on a hot day to escape the sun and to not overheat.

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The Coleman Instant 6 Person Tent is fine in the average summer, spring and early fall storms encountered by most campers.

It is totally seam sealed, made of 150D polyester coated fabric, stands 6 ft tall in the middle and features a very durable built-in tarp.

The Coleman Instant 6 Person Tent lives up to its name as far as ease of setup is concerned, allowing more time with friends and family and less time wrestling with a monstrous tent setup, which can leave one in a bad mood.


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Coleman Instant 6 Person Tent Features:

  • 3 season tent
  • freestanding
  • 150D polyester floor materials
  • 37.7 lbs weight
  • 1 door
  • 6’4” maximum indoor height
  • 112 sq. ft. floor
  • 2 min. set up time with 2 people
  • 5 min. take down time

Coleman Instant 6 Person Tent Interior

Coleman Instant 6 Person Tent Pros & Cons:


Coleman Instant 6 Person Tent Set UpCons:

  • no rainfly
  • door opens to ground
  • hard to keep doors taut
  • only one door
  • vents on top don’t seal very well in rain
  • bad in wind
  • small stakes


What People Say about the Coleman Instant 6 Person Tent:

“I have had this tent for 3 years and have used the tent maybe 10-15 times. We bought this tent as our “big” tent to fit our cots and allow for space to stand. The interior is spacious and my 6’5″ husband can stand very comfortably and the two cots fit with plenty of extra room. The tent opens and closes VERY easily and can be done by one person. When packed up in the bag the tent is pretty heavy and still pretty big, but this is expected of this kind of tent (this isn’t a tent you would want take if you had to hike to a camp site). The walls and floor are well constructed (the floor is a thicker grade heavier material). We have used this tent in the rain without much leakage; however, we were using cots, so I can’t say how it might feel if you had to sleep on the floor of the tent. My only complaint is that the door flap, because it is large without interior support, is sometimes difficult to zip closed with one hand (you need two hands to hold it taut to line up the zippers).” – Julie

What People Say About Coleman Instant 6 Person Tent


“Very easy set up. Used it up in Cherokee, N.C. on a cold night (39f) and the tent kept us dry, blocked the wind that was blowing pretty steadily, and was very roomy for the two of us. SIZE- this will fit 2 queen blow up mattresses tightly, so keep that in mind. Rec. buying individual blow up mattresses and should fit 4 of them easily with room to spare. Buy larger tent stakes, use a tarp to cover the ground in cool/damp areas and you will enjoy this tent. Justin Braneky, Braneky Pest Prevention, Inc. Geneva Fl” – Braneky Pest Prevention


“This tent is amazingly easy to set up! It’s so spacious we could fit a queen size mattress, all our gear including the cooler and extra Jeep parts, a chair, AND still had room for more if we wanted it. My boyfriend and I set it up in less than 2 minutes (I timed it) in the dark the first time. We have only taken it camping in nice weather, but it was plenty warm during late September and even when covered in dew it did not leak.

As an extra precaution we did use tent sealant on all of the seams, it only cost about $5 and I feel it was worth it.

Overall this is a great tent for people who want to ‘car camp’ and spend more time out in nature than setting up camp. This tent sets up faster and sturdier than my old 2-person dome tent. Well worth the money” – Mariah




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