Coleman Red Canyon 8 Person Tent

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Coleman Red Canyon 8Coleman Red Canyon

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Coleman® aptly calls itself “The Outdoor Company” as it manufactures a complete range of camping equipment.

You can pick from a huge variety of tents, the one which best suits your accommodation needs and expected weather / terrain conditions.

For families and groups of up to eight people, the Coleman Red Canyon 8 is a pretty good choice.

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Coleman Red Canyon 8

Huge Footprint, Great Space

The 17×10 feet of base area of the Coleman Red Canyon sleeps up to eight people. The huge tent can be divided into three parts, so the three of you can enjoy a private, luxurious room apiece. You can walk tall in the Coleman Red Canyon which has a 72 inch high roof. I must say, the large footprint and the volume-efficient dome shape make the tent, a truly spacious one for families.

Weathertec™ Protection against Inclement Weather

The exclusive Weathertec™ Protection system on the Coleman Red Canyon has been expertly developed by Coleman® for its line of extreme weather resistant tents. The Weathertec™ protected Red Canyon tent features waterproof polyurethane coated taffeta walls, leak-free seams, waterproof floor, cuffed zip, and strong yet flexible frame; it holds up dry against strong winds and torrential rainfall.

Adjustable Ventilation System

Twin no-see-um windows keep the Coleman Red Canyon 8 ventilated, and provide access to the gear, placed outside the tent. The Cool-Air port allows you to adjust the tent’s air inflow and outflow. The Vari-Flow™ adjustable ventilation feature comes in handy when you want to optimize the tent’s temperature.

Quickly Assemble your Tidy Red Canyon

Simple instructions, separate bags for different tent parts, and shock-corded, color-coded poles let you know how to set up your tent in a few minutes. Once erected, you can keep it clean and tidy; How? The Coleman Red Canyon 8 tent comes with a welcome mat; you bring no dirt inside. Moreover, you can use multiple interior pockets to place things, and keep your portable room, neat and organized.

Review Of The Coleman Red Canyon:

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Pros and Cons of Coleman Red Canyon:


  • Weathertec™ System is good at keeping the rain water out of the tent.
  • Vari-Flow™ system lets you adjust the tent’s ventilation, and access your gear.
  • The Coleman Red Canyon Can be erected in less than fifteen minutes
  • Enjoy the mammoth tent area, convertible to three spacious rooms.
  • If you want to buy this Tent, you can get it for over 30% off on Amazon through this link here.


  • Red Canyon is not an all-season tent.
  • It has only one door for entry and exit.


  • Sleeps up to 8 people
  • Area:                                     170 square feet
  • Max. Roof Height:           Six feet
  • Rooms:                                 1-3 (Removable)

Let Me Show You What Owners Of The Colman Red Canyon Have To Say

Sharon K. –  Edmonds, WA USA

Sharon starts out her review by informing us that this is the 3rd Coleman Red Canyon 8 tent that she has purchased. She says she had her first Coleman red canyon 8 tent for 8 years until the zipper broke. Not bad for eight years of use! The second one she purchase was for her son and the third was her new one.

She also states that setting up and taking down the Coleman Red Canyon is a breeze and at times she was easily able to set up and take down the tent by herself. She has a great tip, when you open up the tent for the first time take digital pictures of the way it was folded and store them. If you do that you will never have trouble folding the tent back in the bag.

She says the only downside to the tent is the low quality of the storage bag. However, she gives the tent a full five star review.

Review paraphrased for size – View full review here

Chris M. – Georgia USA

Chris starts out his review by stating if you don’t like being cramped in a small tent, this is the tent for you. On one trip he went on with his buddies it rained all night. Not one drop came in his tent. However, his buddies had purchase a cheaper tent at Walmart and there’s leaked all night long.

He recommends before you take the tent out it is good to do a dummy run at home setting it up. He was not thrilled with the provided instructions however says the tent really is easy to set up.  He finishes off his review by saying the price of the tent was great, the tent is large and handles well in the rain. Chris gives the Coleman Red Canyon 8 Tent a full five stars.

Review paraphrased for size – View full review here

My Verdict:

Excellent ventilation, hassle-free assembly and most of all, the huge tent space makes the Coleman Red Canyon, a great choice for families.

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Coleman 8-Person Red Canyon Tent,204" L x 120" W x 72" H

Coleman 8-Person Red Canyon Tent,204

  • Family camping tent can accommodate eight campers; measures 17 by 10 feet with a 72-inch center height
  • Included room dividers allow you to create three separate rooms
  • Coleman's exclusive Weathertec System is guaranteed to keep you dry from unexpected wet weather on your camping trip
  • Tent setup is easy with its shock-corded poles and easy-to-follow assembly instructions; includes separate storage bags for tent, poles, and stakes
  • Cool-Air port and Variflo adjustable venting system allows you to adjust airflow and access gear


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