Guide Gear Teepee Tent is an excellent 3 season tent, offering unsurpassed camping comfort, constructed from lightweight, waterproof,heavy duty polyester

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Guide Gear Teepee Tent

10’ x 10’ (3.7/5)

14’ x 14’ (3.3/5)

18’ x 18’ (3.9/5)

Guide Gear Teepee Tent 18 x 18The Guide Gear Teepee Tent is an excellent 3 season tent, offering unsurpassed camping comfort, constructed from lightweight, waterproof,heavy duty polyester.

It functions well in high precipitation and windy conditions, offering covered mesh windows for great ventilation assurance, allowing effective air circulation, even on hot evenings.

The polyethylene floor of the Guide Gear Teepee Tent 18′ x 18′ is sewn in for added protection provision and its factory sealed seams provide exceptional seal and hold.

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A value packed bargain, the Guide Gear Teepee Tent 14′ x 14′ provides plenty of camping enjoyment, given its easy to set up and take down feature.

The rugged construction of the Guide Gear Teepee Tent 10′ x 10′ ensures years of excellent service while its center post ensures great stability given its steel construction.

The Guide Gear Teepee Tent Backpacking includes stakes; pull-through guy ropes for accidental tripping prevention, particularly during low-light conditions; ventilation peak, protected from rain and ground vents for effective ventilation and air flow.


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Guide Gear Teepee Tent Additional Features:

Guide Gear Teepee Tent 14 x 14

    •  peak-style construction, wide-open floor plan affords loads of interior room
    • lightweight and rugged waterproof 190-denier polyester shell
    • weatherproofed covered mesh windows for keeping rain and insects out
    • host of modern features
    • for excellent weather resistance, polyurethane coating  is 1,000 mm for 10’ x 10’ and 18’ x 18’; 1,200 mm for 14’ x 14’; 1,500 mm for backpacking
    • center height is 5’ ½” for backpacking; 6’ 6’’ for 10’ x 10’; 9’ for 14’ x 14’, 9’ 9’’ for  18’ x 18’
    • sleeps 3 people for backpacking; 6 people for 10’ x 10’; 8-10 people for 14’ x 14’; 10-12 people for 18’ x 18’
    • weighs 7 lbs for backpacking; 14 lbs, 13 oz for 10’ x 10’; 24 lbs for 14’ x 14’; 21 lbs, 4 oz for 18’ x 18’
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Guide Gear Teepee Tent Pros & Cons:




  • sub-par instructions
  • lots of guy lines to stake out
  • tad cheap guy lines


What People Say about the Guide Gear Teepee Tent:

Guide Gear Teepee Tent Backpacking“I have had many tents over the years and I have camped all over the U.S. I recently purchased this tent after reading all the reviews. That cord complaints are invalid it is a quality cord. The lower stoop comaints on the doors letting water in are also invalid. Obviously a four season tent in my eyes is canvas and you would have to pack it in on a mule. The only valid complaint in regard to this tent is the velcro has a tendancy to stick to the screens. I found if you pay attention to what you are doing you can avoid this. And when it happens its not a big deal. I am extremely happy with this tent. It is an extreamly good buy! And to be honest of all the tents that are made today it is light weight nylon material and just as durable as any other I have owned. Awesome tent, great value water proof and seam seal as with all tents. Easy up and easy down, family of five, bedding, gear and extras and still plenty of room!” – Gregory Schreiber


“I own several guide gear items, and have always been impressed with the quality for the price. This tent was no exception to that, but I did expect a bit too much for the price this time. For most folks, down below timber-line this is a very good base camp. However, we were set up far above timber-line and the wind was ferocious, ripping out the peg loops at the base, causing us to anchor with rocks around the inside perimeter of the tent. During frequent rain squalls, the tent was completely water proof. On the odd hot day that we had, it did not sweat inside, due to the good ventilation system.The tent has excess room for 2 people and all their gear, and the vestibule is especially roomy.” – brian Thompson


“This tent is awesome. Seriously it is legit. I couldn’t be happier, the available room inside is fantastic. Two entrances, windows, vents. I’ve camped my entire life and this is by far the easiest tent I’ve ever set up. Only thing I would add is to be safe you should put some gorilla tape on the bottom of the tent where the center pole sits…to protect the tent floor from ripping over time. I noticed this issue right away and put a nice patch down to protect against this happening.” – Brian William Mohr




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