Kelty TN2 is a killer deal given its price, lightweightness, spaciousness and useful features particularly solid protection provision

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Kelty TN2


The Kelty TN2 is a relatively lightweight and highly packable tent providing excellent weather protection with lots of room, enough not to feel claustrophobic while car or base camping.

Kelty TN2

It is a roomy tent with a 50” width, creating plenty of room for two carrying a boatload of gear, from its pole structure that pulls the walls vertically, which adds elbowroom and a 42” height running through most of the tent, which provides plenty of sitting room.

Instead of a tube shaped stuff sack, the Kelty TN2 uses a cube shape that fits in overstuffed packs better than a cylinder.

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Kelty TN2 Person TentOne of the coolest features of the Kelty TN2 is how its vestibule unclips and rolls back, exposing the all mesh tent body for awesome stargazing, perfect on clear, buggy nights and great for hot weather camping.

Its vents kept the inside humidity under control during a downpour and its plastic windows helped in spotting an approaching storm break.

The Kelty TN2 is a killer deal given its price, lightweightness, spaciousness and useful features particularly solid protection provision.


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Kelty TN2 Features:

  • two big doors
  • two vestibules
  • 28 sq ft of floor space
  • 14” poles
  •  for compactness when cramming inside packs
  • simple, fast and easy 3 pole set up


Kelty TN2 Features

Kelty TN2 Pros & Cons:






  • tent fly attachment gets gummed up with sand


What People Say about the Kelty TN2:

“The tent is awesome. Not the lightest but a wonderful tent. Me and my son were dry during a very bad storm one night on the A T and we were fine. Easy to set up and take down. And on clear nights it was nice to watch the stars . Wish they would make a one man version for my next trip out. Just to cut weight.” – Aaron bell

What People Say About Kelty TN2

“Very nice tent – easy to set up with its toggle based connectors and single unit poles. It also packs small and is light. The ability to roll up a side is really nice for when its hot outside and the tent overall seems durable. I’ll definitely be buying the footprint too for added protection from the ground though.

Its cozy for 2 adults – it might not be ideal if you have 2 large adults, but is definitely fine for 2 medium sized people. Our gear had to mostly sit in the atriums – I put a tarp under everything so they’d be protected from the ground, but I think the footprint would take care of this too.

Definitely highly recommend getting this tent.” – Joshua Caldwell

What People Say About Kelty TN2 2

“Purchased this tent for biking trip to Ocracoke and can not say enough how pleased I am. As mentioned in another review, setup is intuitive, color coded, and quick. Double doors and vestibules is fabulous feature and I’d not choose a tent without that having experienced the convenience they offer. I found the materials to be great for this pricepoint in a backpacking tent. I purchased the footprint to better protect the floor and think this is a worthwhile investment for any backpacking tent. Every place I expected or wanted a clip, tieback, pocket etc, I found one.

As far as performance, I have camped in it twice this month, both times on a biking trip to Ocracoke. I spent two clear nights by myself in this tent and LOVED the ability to have the stargazer rainfly rolled back and sleep under the stars with a nice breeze. The second trip was with my 10 year old and 9 year old (!). We spent two snuggly nights and we were just fine. We had heavy rains that started about 3 am one night and I was able to easily unclip and zip down the rain fly without leaving the tent. Unlike every one of our neighbors, we stayed perfectly dry.

In retrospect, given the weight difference of only a handful of ounces, and the fun I had bicycle camping with the kids, I would likely get the 3-person version just for a little more space. Just a reminder to think a moment about how you might ultimately use it .

I most definitely recommend this tent!” – Terri




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