Swiss Gear Montreaux Ten Person Family Dome Tent

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swiss gear montreaux tentSwiss Gear Montreaux

Rating: ★★★★½

Camping is a great way for the family to get away from civilization and enjoy the great outdoors.

An ideal family camping tent like the Swiss Gear Montreaux offers each individual, a spaciously private space just like his / her own room.

Family tents need to be large, but in an efficient way so as to maximize the room, retain the privacy, and keep the bulk to minimum.

Swiss Gear Montreaux tent aims to fulfill all such requirements of a family on the campground.

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Swiss Gear Montreaux A Roomy Tent with Multiple Rooms:

Swiss Gear Montreaux has a large, 177 square feet of base area, augmented by an expansive dome shape makes this tent roomy enough to sleep ten people. The tent’s intelligent design makes it look like a well crafted brick-house. The best thing about this tent is you can customize it according to your needs.

The Swiss Gear Montreaux can have a porch, two side-rooms with windows, and a large living area; or, you may use the sewn-in divider to set up two large rooms, one for the children and the other for parents.

Enjoy Cool Nights & Star Gazing:

While the multiple windows and a D-style door in the Swiss Gear Montreaux tent help keep the air fresh and moving, the full mesh ceiling tops them all to make your summer nights cool and star studded.

Quick, Easy Setup:

The intuitive pin & ring system of the Swiss Gear Montreaux tent ensures fast and easy erection. Family tents are prone to a large number of poles, harnesses and other supports, yet the freestanding, dome-shaped Swiss Gear Montreaux steps aside from such hassles.  That’s why this full-size tent can be erected by a pair of campers in less then half an hour.

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Pros and Cons of The Swiss Gear Montreaux tent:


  • The Swiss Gear Montreaux tent has an extra-large footprint and multiple room options for privacy & convenience.
  • Montreaux enjoys increased stability due to its freestanding dome shape and truncated corners.
  • Full mesh ceiling offers superb ventilation and bug protection.
  • The SwissGuard fabric coated fly and walls offer unyielding protection against inclement weather.
  • The Swiss Gear Montreaux features fully covering rain fly, leak free seams and sonic-sealed floor for efficient rain protection.
  • The E-port allows dry access to electric cord for safe electricity supply to the tent.
  • Features shock-corded steel & fiberglass frame for durability & convenient setup.
  • Zippered duffel and carrying bag included.
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  • Window screens don’t come with fastening loops.
  • It takes two to erect the tent; a single person may find it quite difficult.


  • Weight:                                                37 pounds
  • Dimensions( in feet):     17.5 x 7 x 14
  • Max. Elevation:                 84 inches
  • Footprint:                            177 sq. ft
  • Poles:                                    Steel
  • Sleeping Capacity:           Up to 10 people.

Let Me Show You What Owners Have To Say:

Sound Sleeper – San Antonio, TX

He starts off his review stating he was very worried purchasing this tent as at that time no one had posted any reviews. One of his first points is the tent was very well packaged and protected with a great bag. He also says that set up was an absolute breeze and loves the fact that the instructions are actually sewn into the bag so you will never loose them.

He says he easily put the tent up with only his 4 year old son to hep him. He also makes a note of just how big the interior of the tent is. He goes on in his review to say that the tent is built very well with good quality materials and craftmanship. He also says the tent holds up very well in the rain. Overall he is very happy with his purchase of the the Swiss Gear Montreaux ten person family dome tent and gives it 5 stars.

Review paraphrased for size – View full review here
Crystal V.

Crystal starts her review by saying she had just gone on a 7 day camping trip with her Swiss Gear Montreaux Tent and says it is worth every penny. She says the tent has literally tons of space. As to the rain she states that they had very wet weather on her trip and herself and the other 12 people that stayed in the tent were the only ones on the trip that stayed dry.

Overall she is very satisfied with her purchase of the swiss gear montreaux ten person family dome tent and would never buy another tent that is not swiss gear. She also gave the tent a full five stars.

Review paraphrased for size – View full review here

My Verdict:

Swiss Montreaux, with its great design and full mesh ceiling, lets you enjoy the camp-like nights with home-like privacy and room. Truly the Swiss Gear Montreaux Ten Person Family Dome Tent is a treat for any family on a camping trip.

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SwissGear Outdoor Montreaux Family Dome Tent

SwissGear Outdoor Montreaux Family Dome Tent

  • 17.5'x14' family dome tent
  • Sewn-in room divider creates two distinct living areas
  • Two side rooms with divider curtains for extra storage
  • Easy set up with pin and ring system and plastic eave hubs


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