Tents for 4 people

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What are tents for 4 people?

Tents for 4 people are tents that are rated to accommodate 4 individuals. As a general rule, the actual number of persons a tent is truly able to sleep is normally 2 less than its rating, including the camper gear accommodation. So, a tent for 4 people would actually accommodate 2 people comfortably.

Features of tents for 4 people

Tents for 4 people are found by some people to be the perfect size for tents for the simple reason that they do not lose the essence of a camping experience that larger tents seem to do. These individuals feel that camping should be enjoyed with not more than a couple of other people to avoid the inconvenience of cramping campers like sardines in a large tent.

Tents for 4 are on the heavy side when talking about tent weight. Some offer features like single wall designs for quite a bit of weight lowering. Not all tents for 4 offer the same floor space so it is advisable to compare tent floor spaces to make sure of ending up with a tent that is roomy enough to accommodate the number of people intending to use it.

Two tents for 4 people available on the market

1. Coleman Sundome 4 Persontents for 4 people

The Coleman Sundome 4 Person tents are camping tents for 4 people that are inexpensive and easy to set up in 10 minutes and clean. They are also easily transportable and can accommodate 6’ 2” tall individuals. They provide ample elbow and leg room. They prevent moisture from tent entrance as well as wetness and sogginess from tent floor with their WeatherTec systems.

2.  Coleman 4 Person Instant TentColeman 4 Person Instant Tent

The Coleman 4 Person Instant tents are camping tents for 4 people which are of high quality with footprints measuring 7’ by 8’ and center heights of 59”. They have a heavy duty 150D polyester taffeta construction that can fit a queen sized airbed. They keep rain and moisture out with their WeatherTec systems. They come with pre-attached tent poles that extend and lock in seconds.

Which tents for 4 people To Go For? And Why?

The Coleman Sundome 4 Person tent enjoys a ½ point edge over the Coleman 4 Person Instant tent when speaking of customer ratings and a marginal edge when talking about customer reviews. The big difference between these two tents lies in the more than $50 less cost it would take to get hold of a Coleman Sundome 4 Person Tent. Our recommendation for tents for 4 are the Coleman Sundome 4 Person tents.

Our Pick : Coleman Sundome 4 Person

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