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What are tents for backpacking?

Tents for backpacking are the smallest and lightest types of tents intended to be carried by backpackers. These smaller tents must be sufficiently light so that they can be carried for long distances. Most national military organizations use these tents as temporary housing for their troops while living and working under field conditions.


What to look for in tents for backpacking

Tents for backpacking must have a vestibule, a rain fly extension that goes out beyond the doorway down to ground level. It allows for pack and gear storage out of the rain without taking tent room. A large enough vestibule can be turned into a kitchen. A good sized vestibule allows you to be content with a tent that has less internal floor space.

Backpacking tents must be freestanding to require no stakes for setting up. The ground soil would be too rocky to get stakes solidly in the ground when backpacking half of the time. A freestanding tent is just a matter of pole insertion, gear throwing inside the tent and slightly loose wall ignoring.


Two tents for backpacking available on the markettents for backpacking


1. Coleman Hooligan 2 Backpacking Tent

The Coleman Hooligan 2 Backpacking Tents are tents for hiking which are practical for campers who like to pack light for their camping trips. It provides a mesh window that is perfect for hot nights with its provision of a nice breeze inside the tent which in turn helps for getting a better sleep. It is easy to set up and sleep it as it practically weighs nothing when carried around.


2. Eureka SolitaireEureka Solitaire

The Eureka Solitaire are tents for hiking that set up with 1 pole in the rear and another in the front. The different pole lengths provide more head room and a tent slope for rain water to run off towards the tent rear. It offers mosquito netting with a zipper top. It is too small for gear storage and as it is not a free standing tent, it needs to be staked out. Entering the tent requires crawling in from the front.


Which Tents for backpacking To Go For? And Why?

The Coleman Hooligan 2 Backpacking Tent enjoys a ½ point advantage over the Eureka Solitaire in terms of customer ratings. The former also has received 20 more customer reviews over the latter. Finally, the Coleman is cheaper by almost $30. Our recommendation for tents for backpacking are the Coleman Hooligan 2 Backpacking Tents.


Our Pick : Coleman Hooligan 2 Backpacking Tent



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