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What are tents for truck beds?

Tents for truck beds are tents for camping in the comfort and safety of pickup truck beds. They have standard bed lengths and are available in different models including the Sportz  II extended tailgate tents, minivan tents, SUV tents, ground tents and Bike Pac tents. The addition of an air mattress and sleeping bag is recommended for comfort completeness.


What to look for in tents for truck beds

Tents for truck beds should be extremely easy to set up, light enough for two people to slide into the truck bed and affordable. They should have color coded poles for matching to color pole pockets. They should have an open floor for tent set up with the camping gear remaining organized and dry inside the truck bed.

Tents for trucks should fit around the truck bed with an extremely tight seal around the truck bed for keeping water out and making a tent floor an unnecessary task. They should have long mesh fabric pole sleeves that run the entire pole length as much as possible for an easy reach and tent breathing improvement should a rain fly be used.


Two tents for truck beds available on the market

tents for truck beds



1. Rightline Gear Truck Tent

The Rightline Gear Truck Tent are tents for pickup trucks that have very large interior rooms and comes with protective nylon buckles and sturdy straps for truck finish damage prevention. It has a floorless design for setup without truck bed gear removal. It provides color coded pockets and poles for easy and quick tent set up.

 Sportz Truck Tent III

2. Sportz Truck Tent III

The Sportz Truck Tent III are tents for pickup trucks that are fire retardant, water resistant and fully enclosed with a 12 x 12 floor. Their shock-corded fibreglass poles make for a quick and easy tent set up. Their two book-sized pockets at the opposite tent corners are handy storage areas for flashlights, books, watches and the like.



Which Tents for truck beds to Go For? And Why?

Both tents for trucks share the same rating with consumer reviews for the Rightline Gear Truck Tent being almost twice the number than those for the Sportz Truck Tent III. Moreover, the features of the Rightline Gear Truck Tent seem to answer more of the listed qualities that should be found in tents for pickup trucks. Our recommendation for the tents for truck beds have to be the Rightline Gear Truck Tent.


Our Pick : Rightline Gear Truck Tent



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