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What are tents for under $100?

Tents for under $100 are quality tents that offer the same basic features as their more expensive counterparts at a more affordable price. They are ideal for the outdoor specialist who does not have enough spending cash and is on a string budget in his camping trip preparation.

Features of tents for under $100

Tents for under $100 come in a style assortment made for various activities. They are meant to be used closer to home in milder and drier climate conditions. The best low-cost tents are three season tents that are versatile enough to be able to withstand cold or heat, light snow or driving rain as well as most conditions in between. They usually weigh between 5 to 10 pounds for easy packing and carrying.

Tents for less than $100 features lightweight aluminum poles, a reinforced floor, durable stitching and a quality rain fly. Some offer open-air netting best suited for summer backpacking. The better bargain tents have pre-sealed and taped seams with a silicone-treated rain fly for better unpleasant weather protection.

Two tents for under $100 available on the markettents for under $100


1. Coleman Sundome

The Coleman Sundome tents are tents for under 100 that hold up very well against wind and rain. Its durability can withstand reasonably violent thunderstorms while keeping its inhabitants dry through their duration. It can fit a double mat with still enough space for gear storage and a useful head space for packing up and down. It is an ideal car camping tent.

2. Eureka TetragonEureka Tetragon

The Eureka Tetragon tents are tents for under $100 that are easy to set up by one person and takes all of 5 minutes in doing so. It is an extremely durable tent for its low price. It is fairly lightweight meant for short backpacking and car camping trips. It comes with a life time warranty.

Which tents for under $100 To Go For? And Why?

Both Coleman and Eureka tent share the same high customer rating of 4 ½ stars. The Coleman tent is more popular as evidenced by its getting more than 50 customer reviews more than the Eureka tent. Furthermore, the Coleman tent sells more than $10 less than the Eureka tent. Our recommendation for tents for under $100 are the Coleman Sundome tents.

Our Pick : Coleman Sundome

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