Tents with 2 rooms

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What are tents with 2 rooms?

Tents with 2 rooms are designed for the tent interior separation of campers. Their tent interior can be divided into 2 separate living areas. They are perfect for keeping females in one room and males in the other or the parents in one room and the kids in the other.


Further advantages of tents with 2 rooms

Tents with 2 rooms are greatly beneficial for family units. These tents provide separate entrances for each room. Children are given the illusion of freedom while their parents still remain close to them. Screen rooms and canopied porches are the features that normally raise the interest of people who are in the market for these tent types, as they provide sun and bug protection while allowing for hanging outside the tent.

Tents with 2 rooms have similar constructions and made of comparable materials but come in different styles to meet the needs of outdoor enthusiasts and campers including cabin and family dome tents. Tent shapes also vary depending on the tent design complexity.


2 tents with 2 rooms available in the markettents with 2 rooms

1.  Coleman Instant 14-by-10-Foot 8-Person 2 Room Tent

The Coleman Instant 14-by-10-Foot 8-Person 2 Room Tents is a tent with 2 rooms that has extremely a fast assembly and an easy take down. Its tent interiors provide plenty of room. Its room divider is a nice added tent amenity. It is a strong tent as a whole and holds up in wind and rain very well.


2. Wenzel Great Basin 18 x 10-Feet 9-Person 2-Room Family Dome TentWenzel Great Basin 18 X 10-Feet Nine-Person Two-Room Family Dome Tent

The Wenzel Great Basi 18 x 10-Feet Nine-Person 2-Room Family Dome Tent is a tent with 2 rooms which is among the largest camping tents offering a 76-inch center height. Its conversion to a comfortable portable home is easy despite its massive proportion. Its practical features afford its taking to exciting outdoor adventures.


Which Tents with 2 rooms to Go For? And Why?

Both tents that have 2 rooms received equal rating figures from their users with the Coleman tents having 7 times the number of users than the Wenzel tents. Based on the consumer reviews, the Coleman tents have proven their durability by not having leaks and tears for a 5-year duration of usage after much abuse from adults and children alike. Our recommendation for tents with 2 rooms is the Coleman Instant 14-by-10-Foot 8-Person 2 Room Tent.


Our Pick : Coleman Instant 14-by-10-Foot 8-Person 2 Room Tent



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