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What are tents with dividers?

Tents with dividers allow the segregation of the tent interior into separate rooms or sleeping areas for privacy. Older children prefer having tent dividers for this very reason. Some tent dividers can be rolled or tied back to turn the tent interior into one large single spacious shelter whenever the tent occupants desire so. Most tent dividers are made of fabric.


What are the advantages of tents with dividers?

Tents that have dividers can break up the tent interior space into gear storage area and sleeping area. Tent dividers with zippers allow the adoption  of an open area concept inside the tent where the divider can be zipped off during hanging out inside the tent by the occupants and zipped in for sleeping.

Tents with dividers normally offer separate entry points to the each room, providing the benefit of additional entry and exit points for ease of room use of the bigger number of tent occupants. The two room dividers are normally set in the middle of the tent exterior for an equal division of the tent space.


Two Tents with dividers available on the market


tents with dividers

1.  Coleman Instant 14-by-10-Foot 8- Person Two Room Tent

Coleman Instant 14-by-10-Foor 8-Person Two Room Tents are tents which have dividers that remain dry and comfortable even in windy and rainy weather conditions. They are very roomy and fairly easy to use. They are tents designed for a large group which are both easy to put up and take down. Their room dividers provide splitting of the tent into two spaces and can be rolled up or down for privacy.



2.  SwissGear Outdoor Montreaux Family Dome SwissGear Outdoor Montreaux Family Dome Tent

SwissGear Outdoor Montreaux Family Dome Tents are tents with have dividers that stay dry and don’t leak despite heavy rain. They require a simple setup procedure. They are very roomy and durable. Their room divider can be zipped open and allow tiebacks to remove the room separation when not needed. They are ideal for campers who love space, quality and a great camping experience.


Which of these Tents with dividers to Go For? And Why?

Both of these tents with dividers have their distinct features that make each an outstanding tent with the SwissGear Tent a bigger family tent than the Coleman Tent. It really boils down to the number of people who will be using the tent. However, the Coleman Tent has a slightly higher rating than the SwissGear Tent from users that are almost 4 times the number. Our recommendation for tents with dividers is the Coleman Instant 14-by-10-Foot 8- Person Two Room Tent.


Our Pick : Coleman Instant 14-x-10-Foot 8-Person 2 Room Tent



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