Wenzel Grandview Tent is a 12 x 10 9-person tent, ideal for family camping and offering an excellent combination of living and sleeping space

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Wenzel Grandview Tent


Wenzel Grandview TentThe Wenzel Grandview Tent is an ideal choice for family camping, offering an excellent combination of living and sleeping space.

It sleeps 7 people in the roomy main dome tent and 2 more in the fully encloseable adjoining screened room.

The Wenzel Grandview Tent offers ample ventilation and access with an inverted T door and a D style door, 5 mesh windows, a mesh roof and a mesh room.

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Constructed with a fiberglass and steel frame, the Wenzel Grandview Tent’s patented pentadome structure with a fast-feet system is easy to set up.

It features a weather-tight welded polyethylene floor, steel and plastic stakes for spot grounding, a gear loft, 2 hanging pockets and a convenient storage duffel for organization.

It’s easy to relive the day’s adventure when gathering inside the cozy Wenzel Grandview Tent.


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Wenzel Grandview Tent Features


Wenzel Grandview Tent Features:

  • 4.9m x 3.66m floor size
  • 110 sq. ft. + 40 sq. ft. floor area
  • 208 cm maximum height
  • 12 kg weight
  • polyester removable seam-sealed canopy/fly
  • welded polyethylene floor
  • 27.5 in x 10.5 in x 10.5 in packed size
  • 1 door
  • convertible screen room with inverted T style door and inside flag zippered windows
  • shock corded fiberglass main frame with steel uprights and corner elbows combined with fast feet for easy set up
  • multi-diameter fiberglass pole design for more head room and livable space
  • 5 zippered rear and side windows with inside privacy flaps
  • e-port for electrical cord access
  • gear loft and 2 convenient pockets
  • pre-attached guy ropes for added stability


Wenzel Grandview Pros & Cons:

Wenzel Grandview Tent Pros





  • poles have tendency to break first time up


What People Say about the Wenzel Grandview Tent:

“I picked this up in the spring as a Woot! special and finally got around to using it on an overnight in Gettysburg. I do like this tent, it was very easy to put up and it goes together very well, the fit of all of the pieces is very well designed and put together. I put it together for the first time with my mother in law in about 10-15 minutes, and that’s with trying to figure our where everything goes (could easily be done in about 5 minutes).

The Good: Its a very roomy tent, for a family of five there was plenty of room for us to enjoy the tent. We left all of our shoes and bags in the front vestibule of the tent and set up our sleeping bags in the main portion of the tent. Also, being 6’1″ it was nice to be able to stand up in the middle of the tent. The gear loft also came in handy to hang a small lantern.

The Not So Good, but not so bad: Although the tent is rather large, the foot print is slightly awkward. I purchased a 12×16 ft tarp for the tent knowing that it wasn’t going to fit under it without having to fold the tarp under in some spots, which I did. As for fitting 9 people, I’m sure its possible somehow. We went with two adults and three young children under 10 and the five of us fit comfortably in the main portion of the tent, with our bags in the front part. I could see maybe 8 adults packing tightly in the tent but there would be no room left for bags or packs. You seem to lose a lot of space with the roundness of the tent, but for the five of us it suits our needs.

For the price that I paid or this tent (134.99) at the time vs. prices for similar size tents, I certainly cant complain about it. While I have yet to experience this tent in any foul weather it seems to be made fairly well and I would certainly buy it again if I had to.” – richvjc

Wenzel Grandview Tent Inside

“We love it! We’ve set it for gatherings at our house for the kids to use, and they have a blast in it. We have used it a few times camping in the Midwest summer, each time without the rain cover, in order to fall asleep staring at the stars. We don’t have to slump over getting in. Our dog can sleep in the vestibule. The only complaint so far is that the zip door between the vestibule and the main tent area does not have a mesh. But we can live with that.
The three of us, my wife, daughter and me, feel like we’re glam camping with this tent. This will be our go-to tent for car camping.” – Ruben Noguera

Wenzel Grandview Tent Outside

“I recently got a chance to use this tent on a trip to Shashone Falls, Idaho. I set it up in the back yard and sprayed it down well with a hose and there was no leaks whatsoever. When camping in Idaho it rained pretty heavily for several hours and there were no leaks that were the tent’s fault. I misplaced a piece to the front tent pole that keeps the porch up so there was some water that leaked in due to that but that was my fault for losing the piece. I was able to rig up a temporary fix with bungee cords and no more leaks after that. Lots of bugs around the tent, but none of them were able to get in through the mesh of the tent as far as I was aware. 1 fly got through the door, but that is all. Velcro and zippers on the doors all seemed to be pretty sturdy. Loved the fact that there were zippers along the bottom and in the middle and really like the porch area when I had the piece to get the porch set up. I later found that piece so I will test the porch out again later. I have not rain proofed anything and it still didn’t leak, but I will be rain proofing later just to give extra protection. It doesn’t stay incredibly warm inside, but really keeps the wind out well. There is some wasted room in the main compartment due to the hexagon shape, but it fit our queen sized double high air mattress and all of our bags and if you put the bags in the porch area then you could fit another 2 twin air mattresses or sleeping bags in there as well as a queen. I still haven’t figured out exactly how to use the extra cables for the rain fly.

Set up was somewhat difficult for my wife and I. I’m not an experienced camper by any means and besides setting it up in my backyard this was my first time setting up ANY tent. Many have boasted of being able to set it up with 1 person, even if they are short. I am 5’6″ and my wife is 5’3″. I can pretty well hold up the middle, but my wife had trouble. It took us probably 1 hour 15 minutes to set it up in our backyard and maybe 35-45 minutes to set it up on the actual camping trip. The ceiling height is very nice, both of us could stand up easily throughout most of the tent. All poles seemed to stay in good shape through both setups. Getting the poles through all the different sleeves and hooks is the main difficult part as the poles are so long and want to come apart if you pull them from the other side (which is somewhat to be expected as they are in segments with the tether running through them).

I feel like overall it is a great tent for our needs and I feel that I probably will get faster at setting it up over the years. I believe it will last several years if not more than 10 years. Very happy with my purchase!” – Amazon Customer




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